Online Tools

    1. Rice Gene Expression Profile under abiotic stresses

The RGEP was constructed to store the integrated gene expression data for rice subjected to abiotic stresses, including drought, salt, cold and high temperature. It also provides a function for identifier conversion among Michigan State University Osa1 Rice Locus (MSU ID), Rice Annotation Project Locus (RAP ID) and Affymetrix Rice Genome Probe-set (Affymetrix ID).

    1. RiceHSP

The RiceHsps was built to store and show our predicted interactors for rice Hsp70.

    1. PhosphoRice (a meta-predictor of rice-specific Phosphorylation Site)

PhosphoRice,a meta-predictor of rice-specific phosphorylation site, was constructed by integrating the newly phosphorylation sites predictors, NetPhos2.0, NetPhosK, Kinasephos, Scansite, Disphos and Predphosphos with parameters selected by restricted grid search and random search. It archieve an increase in MCC of 7.1%, and an increase in ACC of 4.6% than that of the best element predictor (Disphos_default), respectively.

    1. G-effector

A predictor on the effector of Heterotrimeric G proteins

    1. ETQ (Evaluation on Tobacco Quality)

ETQ is an online evaluation tool for tobacco leaves aromatic quality. Based on SVM algorithm, ETQ has achieved ACC of 90.95%, MCC of 0.80, PCC of 0.594 and MSE of 0.263.

    1. Rice_phospho1.0

Rice_phospho is a new specific SVM predictor on protein phosphorylation sites in rice

    1. Rice_ID table
    2. NSFC结题基金信息查询
    3. RSRS Database (Rice Stress Resistant SNP Database)

Rice Stress Resistant SNP Database

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