Uploading gene expression file

Note: Please format your input file as sample data before uploading.
1. Only Ensembl IDs are accepted. If your ID type is not Ensembl, please use the Convert ID to Ensembl tab.
2. Duplicated row names are not allowed.
If input is correct, a table of sample feature vectors (100-dimentional) will be returned. Full list of tissues is available here tissue list


Feature annotation


Representative feature genes

Paste your gene list
Note: input gene ID types can be HGNC symbol, NCBI Entrezgene ID, AFFY HG U133 Plus 2 probe ID, or ILLUMINA HumanWG 6 V3 probe ID. Please wait if large number of gene list is submitted

Table: ID conversion result for your input


Contact information
    If you have any questions or ideas about the tool, please email to weilau@fafu.edu.cn

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