Rice Stress Resistant SNP Database


Rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield is limited inherently by environmental stresses, including biotic and abiotic stresses. Thus, it is of great importance to perform in-depth explorations on the genes that are closely associated with the stress-resistant traits in rice. The Rice Stress-Resistant SNP Database incorporates the phenotype information of 402 rice varieties and the function and genome annotation of about 11.5 million stress-resistant SNPs detected from these stress-resistant rice varieties.

This database provides:

  • 402 Biotic and abiotic stress resistant varieties.
  • More than 11 million SNPs detected from these varieties.
  • The annotation of each SNP and the variation of each SNP among each resistant varieties.

Additionally the database provides:

  • Search SNPs by genome position.
  • Search SNPs by Gene ID and SNP ID.
  • Search SNPs by variant type.
  • Genome browser to visualize the SNPs of each stress resistant varieties.

Total SNP Distribution

Total Variety Distribution

Biotic Stress Resistant Varieties
Blast Fungus Resistant 136
Bacteria Resistant 72
Pest Resistant 88
Abiotic Stress Resistant Varieties
Heat Stress Resistant 21
Alkali Stress Resistant 45
Cold Stress Resistant 26
Flood Stress Resistant 21
Salt Stress Resistant 56
Zinc Stress Resistant 4